New performances

20, 21 July 2019: Nucleo, Lindenlei 38 in Ghent.
25, 26, 27 January at 20.00h
Villa Montald 
Roodebeeksteenweg 270 
Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (BXL)
Concept/script/director: Axel Dhondt

Cast Red with Blue Spots: Mike Imbierowicz, Leila Laaraj, Zoe Lejeune, Kristina Mandrik, Patrycja Pulit, Berthe Tanwo Njole & Axel Dhondt
Cast Blue with Red Spots: Marcella Mello & Axel Dhondt
This experimental piece of theatre focusses on the concept of identity and communication. This is emphasized by placing the actors in a mirror to face each other. All communication happens indirectly and in this way they are embodying the 'red zone'. Once in a while this indirect communication is broken by a short eye-contact, hence ending up in the 'blue zone'.
Another layer is formed by the duality of identity not only being present in one's origin or being, but also in the fact of being able to show written proof of that in order to have access to the rest of the surrounding world. Papers are needed for everything as trivial as buying something online. Being and identity is questioned in its authenticity by the character of the girl who acts out a certain movie all the time. This is her reality, how unreal the situation may look. In that perspective also truth is questioned. Whose truth is the real truth and who else has to abide by that truth?
The monologue which repeatedly is acted out by different characters is the thread throughout the performance and explains how people are trouble for one another. "When people come, problems come" could bring us back to Sartre's "L'Enfer c'est les autres" but couldn't be more true in the age of the antropocene.
Seven protagonists are present in the first part of the play. Their text is doubled and expanded by the two actors who remain in the second part which is constantly set in the "blue zone", the one of the direct contact. This second part is sometimes also interrupted by communication through the mirror, creating a 'red' spot.
The public forms an extra layer to this performance in such a way that they are facing the mirror but aren't shown completely as they observe through a slit in the curtain they are sitting behind. 
This curtain brings us to Blake's poem "The doors of perception". This poem and the reflection of Vinod Segal as copied below insprired the writer to make this piece.

"Marcel Duchamp, painter and sculptor, once said :’I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.’ It means that an artist becomes psychologically uncomfortable if he does not accept the different perspectives of life. He needs to realize the existential contradiction in order to align the perception of the cosmos with his art.

William Blake realized the multiple meanings of life and observed them minutely. An ordinary man does not realize the worth of multiple meanings through which different ideas generate. He is not alert and aware. The ideas get repressed but they remain in our mind and they manifest themselves in some circumstances.The poet urges us to remain alert to what is happening to us. This way he seems to be precursor to the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud." (

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