20 & 21 July at 20.00h

Nucleo Projectruimte
Lindenlei 38 - Gent

: Axel Dhondt

Cast: Mike Imbierowicz, Linda Kompany, Leila Laaraj, Kristina Mandrik, Eszter Popp, Patrycja Pulit & Axel Dhondt

RED WITH BLUE SPOTS is a philosophical piece of theatre in which the unability to communicate is at the core. In a world of Facebook and Instagram, we don’t seem to be able to communicate in a normal way anymore. That’s why 7 individuals who represent society as we know and experience it today, do not succeed in interacting with each other face to face. They feel lost and in search of themselves, desperately in need of a spot, a place, a room of their own. But all they can do is try. All of them try to deal with life and society in their own way but all of them see no other way than to stay out of life and society by remaining in a kind of bubble: the film girl in her imaginary world, the stalker in his obsession, the charlatan in his way to make people believe they don’t exist in this world without papers. 

RED WITH BLUE SPOTS is holding up a mirror to the world and all its inhabitants, saying : look, this is what you are doing, and this is what you are thinking, and if you want a solution, let me tell you this : there is none.

In an anonymous digital world of communication, an almost 100% virtual world that exists in our imagination, we can never be real. And all the things we gather, and all the people we meet, are part of the same stuff dreams are made of. They are illusions,spirits of a non-existing world. In this world in which illusion and desillusion become interchangeable, there is no way of escape. We can only accept our ill fate and go with the flow because the show must go on.

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