The lonesome wolves of the purple desert

4 & 6 mei 2018 in De Platoo Brussel, 20.00h
17 & 18 juli 2018 in Van Hulthem Gent, 20.00h

Present versus past. Suppose Cleopatra still lived today, wouldn't she be a twisted, hypochondric psychopath? And Anthony, wouldn't he be preposturous and grotesque? All of this is to be seen in this kaleidoscopic narrative in which past and present intertwine in a parallel universe. The theatre performance is to be experienced as a painting. The focus is on the visual. The fact that you can hear the characters talk creates an extra dimension.

With: Axel Dhondt & Katiuska Landaeta
Written & directed by Axel Dhondt

English spoken

Graphic design: Sabine Martens / Picture: Hanne Demarcke
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