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  • August 29th, 2022
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Performance + workshop: Francis Bacon as an inspiration
27, 28 January 2024



performance and workshop

88 is a special, alienating performance inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon.

One being sits solely disfigured. What mask is it wearing? The mirror image, the projection, the disease, the inside? How has it become as it is? Does the room surround it as a prison or a refuge? Does it seem violent?

We do not pretend to understand the world as it shows itself. We just feel, touch, suffer, hurt, write, play, discuss. We try not to judge. Yet we share.

Before the performance, we share our inspiration with you. The work of Francis Bacon is analyzed from the perspective of those elements that have led to the performance 88. We approach Bacon’s work from different angles.

Reservation for the performance gives you access to the workshop, but you can also just come to the performance. Seating is limited to 8 "happy few". Reservation is necessary.

Please book your seats when you are certain to come to the performance. Cancel if you cannot make it, so others can still book a seat.

27 and 28 January 2024

14.00h & 16.00h start workshop

15.00h & 17.00h start performance


Resonans, Zuidstationstraat 20, Gent