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  • August 29th, 2022
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Why didn't you kiss Lisa today?

77 is an immersive performance and at the same time a trip into the unconscious in a world in burn-out. 77 est une performance immersive et au même temps un voyage dans l'inconscient dans un monde en burn-out.

why didn't you kiss Lisa today

Why didn't you kiss Lisa today?

work in progress, open air teasers & performance

look at this?

watch this?

is it real or not?

are they real or not?

is this a question?

what is the question?




join us in a dialogue

of writing, reacting, adding, changing,

feeling, seeing, hearing, walking, speaking,

to create


feel free to enter


“Why didn’t you kiss Lisa today” is a theatrical performance in which 3 characters disappear and get stuck in a kind of Bermuda triangle. The first character Lisa utters the desire to be kissed. Because this desire is not fulfilled, the second character Livia takes up this case by involving the third male character (who has no name) and accusing him of not having kissed Lisa as if this is some kind of dereliction of duty. When Lisa realizes nothing happens, she indicates that is the moral obligation of one of the other characters to take responsibility but she receives an answer that is totally besides the point.

This opening scene is the start of a Kafkaesque odyssey in which the characters are in constant confrontation with each other, to hurt each other – emotionally or physically – or to rob each other – materially or not materially or to accuse of and charge each other with a crime – emotionally or physically. The dehumanization reaches so far that in the end no moral limits exist and identity and personality are lost. Thus the piece ends symptomatically as it has started, but the question to be kissed now sounds like a nightmare more than ever – the question is not a question anymore, the question has become a command.


Work in progress & open air teasers 29/8 till 3/9

29, 30, 31/8, 1/9: display of parts of the script + possibility to add text by passers-by 

2 and 3/9: open air teasers: till 13.00h (at location and surrounding streets and square)

Performances 2/9 & 3/9 at 15.00h


kwk - Beverhoutplein 6 - Gent


free entrance